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Perl MediaWiki API

This wiki is for the open source Perl MediaWiki API which is a Perl module designed to make it easy for Perl programmers to interact with a MediaWiki wiki such as Wikipedia, LyricWiki or any of the wikis on Wikia.

The goals of this wiki are:

  • To make it easy for new users of the module to get spun up quickly to writing a MediaWiki bot.
  • To provide detailed documentation on how to use the module
  • To provide documentation for developers of the module itself

For a more detailed description and history, see the About page.

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TODO: Consider merging this whole wiki's content to the Wikia API wiki. Not sure if it works better separate (since it applies to more than just Wikia) or integrated (so that there isn't duplicate work & so alternatives, etc. are in the same place).

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